Why roll your putts with The Black Mamba Putter™



Whilst making your putting stroke, the  feel of THE BLACK MAMBA PUTTER™ is the perfect union between the putter head weight and  the moment of inertia (rolling the putt). It's poetry in motion!


You know that you have struck the ball correctly with a distinctive unique sound that will complement the smooth balance feel, confirming pure contact.


The center of gravity is just above center making sure the bounce or "pop up" of the ball is virtually non existent resulting in a ball rolling immediately, rather than bumping along then rolling. Distance control is superb!


The simple round circle aiming guide makes it similar to lining up the sight of a rifle or playing Pool  - your eye ( is the circle on the putter ), the sight ( is the ball ) and the target ( is the cup or the spot chosen for the ball to roll over ).


The putter face is 1.25" deep and allows for a more consistent ball strike of the sweet spot compared to the mass produced inferior putters that have a shallow face depth. The pattern on the face assists a true roll of the ball.


All your friends who see you with this putter will want one!

There is no other putter that looks remotely similar. It is dynamic and modern.


When looking down at the putter the uncomplicated view allows you to focus on a your chosen line, a rhythmic stroke and to putt on "auto pilot," allowing the shot you imagined whilst reading the green to play out undisturbed by multiple aiming lines, multiple colors and odd shapes.  


It makes the perfect gift for any level golfer. Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Office Draw, Golf Club tournament prizes,  or just because!

How it all started

My career in the metal refining, manufacturing and fabrications industries provided deep insights to metal alloys. This and my passion for the game of golf fuelled my ambition to produce a truly superior putter.

I was born in Zimbabwe, as was David Leadbetter, and grew up in South Africa, as did Gary Player,  the Big Easy, Louis Oosthuizen, Retief Goosen, Brendan Grace, the list goes on.

In the early seventies, as a young boy,  I heard the stories of Southern Africa's most dangerous snake, the "Black Mamba". I have seen many but fortunately not in the wild. I was immediately intrigued and fascinated.  

It was the snake that inspired the name of the putter, which I started designing in 2008.

The concept and design was inspired by the desire to achieve the feel and sound great putters all over the world strive for in order to consistently achieve distance control, accuracy and a pure ball roll each and every time.

The style and look of the putter was intended to keep a simple, non-distracting view allowing the golfer the ability to focus entirely on his aim and rolling the ball with confidence. It was also intended to look like no other putter.

The research into design has resulted in a dynamic looking putter, delivering a sensitive feel, a distinctive sound at perfect contact and a pure rolling of the ball with exceptional distance control.

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