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What the best putters say


Putting is the most individual of all aspects of the game of golf. Your setup, ball position, alignment, grip and stroke is unique and all these elements result in your own comfort zone.


All great putters have optimum control of pace and can read a green almost instinctively. They rely on imagination,feel and the sound they hear when the ball is struck. And when The Black Mamba Putter strikes the ball, you will hear that solid contact sound of a pure strike and true roll.


The best putters of all-time list the most important considerations when choosing a putter as follows: how it feels in your hands whilst making a stroke, ( head weight feel in relation to the actual putting motion ) , how it looks at address and how the ball sounds coming off the putter face. The Black Mamba Putter incorporates all these attributes in such a way that it will benefit any putting style, enhance confidence with reliable consistency and will lower your putts per green in regulation. 


The best putters in the world will say you practice fundamentals but you switch to autopilot when playing the game. You should then only be aware of the path the ball should follow and what speed to roll it. Nothing else! Don't get caught up in the mechanics of a  putting stroke. Maintain the routine of your very own individual process for every putt which will breed consistency and confidence.

A light grip is a winner. Light enough so the putter head feels heavy and your stroke becomes ever so perfectly smooth. All the great putters have superb consistent tempo. They do that by letting " the movie" they created  in reading the green, picking a target, setting up with the same routine and imagining the the ball rolling into the hole  play out by blocking out all distractions, staying relaxed and breathing calmly.

The look of THE BLACK MAMBA PUTTER™ is simply stunning - dynamic and modern. There is nothing out there like it. Just countless variations of mass produced heel toe putters. More importantly, when you are lining up and looking down at the putter there is a clean cut view allowing you to focus on aiming on your chosen line, rolling the ball at the correct speed and trusting your instincts. There are no distracting multiple aiming lines, no multiple colors and no complicated shapes that you see in many putters - some even resembling a spaceship from a Sci-Fi movie.

We can not teach you to read a green or roll a putt but THE BLACK MAMBA PUTTER™ will enhance your putting skills. It is designed to feel like "a hand in the glove" with all putting styles. 

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